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Solarboat SunCat 23: Limitless travel range with photovoltaic solar power
The SunCat 23 is a solar driven catamaran for 10 to 12 passengers.

SunCat 23

SunCat 23 is a solar driven catamaran for 10 to 12 passengers. Easy handling of this nearly noiseless boat with solar propulsion, makes this boat manifold applicable. SunCat 23 has thanks to solar electricity a virtually limitless cruising range. Spacious passenger room, barrier free access and a cockpit with seating-accommodation for up to 12 passengers make a day on the water an unforgettable experience.


Propulsion / Steering


Kräutler electric outboard engine with digital regulation and 2,8 kW power capacity. Driver’s license free or 4 kW-driver’s license necessary. Maintenance-free. The superior turning moment characteristics of the direct current motor in comparison with a gasoline motor bring forward significant advantages. Convenient one-handle handling. Continuous speed regulation in forward gear as well as backward gear is possible. The high quality electric steering operates nearly non-dissipative. The electric engine operates noiseless and with low vibration. The electric engine releases no emissions and fulfills all requirements for environment protection.




4 maintenance-free gel batteries. Socket for 230 V charging rate including ground fault circuit interrupter. Helm with all necessary control and steering devices. Digital battery control with display of charging status, current consumption and remaining travel time. Stainless steel wheel with hydraulic steering. Control devices for lighting and central emergency stop switch.


Solar modules


The roof is equipped with 4 highquality Solon solar modules with an overall performance of 860 W. The capacity of those modules provides enough power for all on-board systems. Alternatively the batteries can be charged via a land-based charging connection.


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Photo Gallery SunCat 23

Solarboat SunCat 23 photo gallery

Photo gallery SunCat 23. more »

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Photo Gallery SunCat 23

Solarboat SunCat 23: Launching photo gallery

Next generation: SunCat 23 - Sea-Trial, in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. more »

Data and Dimensions

Maximum speed: 11 km/h
Cruising range with sun: unlimited
Cruising range without sun: up to 10 hours
Length over all: 7.00 m
Width: 2.50 m
Draft: 0.70 m
Lightweight tonnage: 1.300 kg

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