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Cruising fun with SunCat 23

SunCat 23 is a solar-powered catamaran for 10-12 passengers. The easy handling of this almost silent solar-powered boat make it applicable in many ways. As a leisure boat or for boat hire this solar boat is top class. SunCat 23

can be driven without a license. more »


Electric powered boat

Novel electric powered boat with highly innovative features. Extendable hard- top roof, teak table, refrigerator, cd player, sink with fresh water tank, acrylic window, for 2 to 11 passengers. Low operating expenses due to eco-friendly 36 V co-current engine. Approximately € 4,50 for full AGM Battery charge.) High cruising range with 8 to 10 hours at the speed of 6 – 8 km/h. A driver’s license is not needed. Just get on board, start engine and go. more »

SunCat 46

The new SunCat 46 yacht is the first large solar yacht in the world built in serial-production. The yacht, 14 m in length, combines eco-friendly technology, luxurious and elegant design. The yacht was designed by Juan Carlos Espinosa and is built in collaboration with the famous yacht manufacturer Horizon. more »


Catamaran SunCat 46

The Solar yacht SunCat 46. The yacht, 14 m in length, combines eco-friendly technology, luxury and elegant design. See SunCat 46 Yacht cruising at the port of Kaohsiung in Taiwan. more »


SunCat 46 Yacht

SunCat 46 offers a luxurious interior for a yacht of the 21st century. Equipment, choice of material and handicraft are of highest quality. more »


Emission free solar vessel SunCat 46 gallery

The SunCat 58 is a solar boat, which not only offers up to 50 people, but also defines the word shipping new. The SunCat 58 runs is no longer on the water, you glide. After all, the SunCat 58 is silent as a sailor and, of course, no environmentally harmful emissions emitted. The first ship of this series moves to Berlin, where it can also be chartered. more »

Solar yacht premieres at the boot Düsseldorf

SolarWaterWorld AG will present a world novelty from the 22st to the 30th of January 2011 at the boot, Düsseldorf, Germany (Hall 5 / E 21). Solar luxury yacht SunCat 46 is the first solar vessel built in mass-production more »

A dream in white

In fuzzy weather and - 12 degrees Celsius, the first ever mass-produced solar yacht was baptized at Hamburg harbor on the 3rd of December 2010. more »

Launching solar yacht SunCat 46

On the 16th of July 2010 the launching of the first solar yacht, built in serial production worldwide, took place in Taiwan. Constructed and built by the Company SolarWaterWorld AG, Berlin Germany, the vessel combines luxury and eco-friendly technology. SunCat 46 is not a hybrid, but a truly 0-liter yacht. more »

First Solar Abra

Dubai’s RTA launches solar abra. A month-long trial on solar-powered boat has proved successful

Commuters can now enjoy a ride on a solar-powered abra that is operating in the waters of Mamzar Lagoon, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Monday.

Solar-power in Dubai

Abras might soon be replaced by boats powered by solar energy

At least one solar-powered boat has been on trial since last month, which will last for two more months, following which a decision will be taken based on its performance.

The new suncat 46

The SunCat 46 Passenger is an extended variation of the exclusive solar yacht SunCat 46. The Passenger model contains a very spacious passenger cabin, a bar for beverages and a handicapped accessible toilet. The noble design, the high quality of used materials makes this ship an exclusive, luxurious passenger ship with various possibilities for various occasions.