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SolarWaterWorld AG

SolarWaterWorld AG: Worldwide success in the market segment of solar powered water vehicles
One of the most successful companies for solar powered water vehicles

SolarWaterWorld AG was founded in March 2001. Since 2008 the company is situated in Berlin. Arisen from the institute for solar shipbuilding SolarWaterWorld AG combines science based, technical and practical expertise as well as worldwide marketing and licensing. SolarWaterWorld AG has become one of the most successful companies for solar powered water vehicles in the market segment.


The aim of SolarWaterWorld AG is to establish the utilization of solar power on boats and ships and to take over the leadership position in the world market.


The business segment of SolarWaterWorld AG does not limit itself to constructing and licensing solar driven vessels worldwide but also constructs and provides solar systems and component parts in the area of aquatics for example altering common boats to make them solar power compatible.


SolarWaterWorld AG also develops, finances and offers franchise possibilities concerning solar boat rentals in the area of tourism and provides concepts for public transport solutions employing eco-friendly solar passenger ships.


Crossing the Atlantic to New York in 2007: the futrure, now.


Already in spring 1995 Thomas Meyer opened the worldwide first solar boat charging station in Berlin Köpenick to enable solar powered boats to keep running after sunset. This facility creates and saves solar energy during the day via solar panels on the roof of the filling station. At the same time it serves as a test station for new product developments, long-term studies and further developments of approved SolarWaterWorld AG products.


An endurance test concerning technology and material of SolarWaterWorld AG was successfully completed with the catamaran sun21 by crossing the Atlantic to New York in 2007.


SolarWaterWorld AG: Worldwide licensing of solar powered vessels and solar ships
Constructing and licensing of solar driven vessels worldwide

This year SolarWaterWorld AG entered the market with a new generation of solar powered boats and passenger ships.


Flagship of this new generation is the 14m solar powered yacht SunCat 46 combining luxury and eco-friendliness. As if that weren’t enough in 2010 SolarWaterWorld AG aims to breakthrough in the area of solar powered transport ships.


SolarWaterWorld AG: the future, now.













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The Company

SolarWaterWorld AG
Bergmannstraße 95
10961 Berlin
Chairman of the Board:
Tim-Derek Schultze
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Awards & Prizes

Awards to SolarWaterWorld AG

The SolarWaterWorld AG was honored with the following awards for the companys technological innovations. more »


It was Jules Vernes "Twenty thousand leagues under the sea" which gave Thomas Meyer the final impact. more »


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First Solar Abra

Dubai’s RTA launches solar abra. A month-long trial on solar-powered boat has proved successful

Commuters can now enjoy a ride on a solar-powered abra that is operating in the waters of Mamzar Lagoon, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Monday.

Solar-power in Dubai

Abras might soon be replaced by boats powered by solar energy

At least one solar-powered boat has been on trial since last month, which will last for two more months, following which a decision will be taken based on its performance.

The new suncat 46

The SunCat 46 Passenger is an extended variation of the exclusive solar yacht SunCat 46. The Passenger model contains a very spacious passenger cabin, a bar for beverages and a handicapped accessible toilet. The noble design, the high quality of used materials makes this ship an exclusive, luxurious passenger ship with various possibilities for various occasions.