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Suncat 21: New edition of a classic in pop art colors

The next generation SunCat 21 in pop art colors has gone into production.

Suncat 21 is a solar electric catamaran for up to 8 passengers produced by Solar Water World AG. The new edition of this successful leisure boat combines eco-friendly technology and modern design. more »

Solar-electric yacht with towing kite propulsion

SolarWaterWorld and SkySails develop Zero-Emission Yacht

First solar-electric yacht with towing kite propulsion revolutionizes yachting

A yacht dream is coming true: The emission-free solar yacht with towing-kite propulsion will be developed and built by the solar ship manufacturer SolarWaterWorld AG from Berlin in close cooperation with the Hamburg-based technology leader SkySails GmbH. A cooperation agreement which includes a seven-figure development contract for SkySails has been signed by the partners on October 27th, 2011. more »


Solar passenger ship SunCat III

SunCat III at the Volkswagen WerkTour

WerkTour per ship - With sun energy across the water
Since Monday the 15th of August 2011 the WerkTour (factory tour) concerning the automobile production of Volkswagen begins at the dock of Autostadt. Via the midland-canal the ships sail to the factory premises. From there the panorama train takes you directly into production. FGS Havelland as well as a solar driven passenger vessel operates the water shuttle. SunCat III is the worldwide first boat of this make. more »


Solar Ferry SunCat 46 Passenger

SunCat 46 Passenger shipment

At the boot in Düsseldorf the luxurious solar yacht SunCat 46 impressed the complete naval branch.
On the 13th of July 2011 the passenger variation of SunCat 46 was launched and shipped to Germany. Beginning of August the yacht arrived in Hamburg and was delivered immediately. The elegant, lounge style passenger boat will be used for passenger transport by a large German Company. more »


Eco Solar Electric Water Taxi Boat

Solar-Watertaxi Solar UNO

With the new solar watertaxi Solar UNO a watertaxi for public city traffic is supplied.
The watertaxi Solar UNO is a further active contribution, by SolarWaterWorld AG in cooperation with AlwoPlast in Chile, for intelligent energy use and lasting consciousness for the future of the city and it's transportation system. more »


Solar yacht SunCat 46

A dream in white

In fuzzy weather and - 12 degrees Celsius, the first ever mass-produced solar yacht was baptized at Hamburg harbor on the 3rd of December 2010.
This exclusive yacht was delivered on time per container ship from Taiwan and was "unwrapped" the same morning by members of the management board of Solarwaterworld AG. "We are so proud of this vessel, we just needed to be on location whilst delivery. Unloading always requires a few helping hands" says Tim Derek Schultze, Marketing and Management board member of the solar boat building company. more »


Solar-Luxury-Yacht SunCat 46 premieres at the "Boot" Düsseldorf

SolarWaterWorld AG will present a world novelty from the 22nd to the 30th of January 2011 at the "Boot", Düsseldorf, Germany (Hall 5 / E 21).
Solar luxury yacht SunCat 46 is the first solar vessel built in mass-production and was baptized in December 2010 at Hamburg harbor. The vessel can be inspected for the first time in Germany at the boot Düsseldorf. The 14 m yacht by Solarwaterworld AG from Berlin combines futuristic eco-friendly technology, luxury and elegant design: Superior indoor materials, cabins with showers and WC’s, a spacious passenger room and galley in combination with a drift optimized hull plus propulsion that needs sun energy only, make this vessel unique. more »


Solar yacht SunCat 46

Baptising of solar yacht SunCat 46

The technological marvel built by SolarWaterWorld AG premieres in Germany.
The first exclusive Solar yacht of the SunCat 46 series will be christenend on the 3rd of December, 12.00 o’clock in Hamburg – Harburg. It will carry the name "UHURA". The Event will take place at the company head office of Skysails GmbH & Co KG at the Veritas Quay 3, 22761 Hamburg – Harburg. Afterwards this exclusive solar yacht will be handed over to the new owner. The vessel will sail through the waters of Mecklenburg Vorpommern as an exclusive offer of the Hotel & Restaurant Peenetal, where the yacht can be chartered ( The ship will be baptised by Frauke Reek-Winkler, the woman minister of Liepen. The 14m yacht constructed and built by the company SolarWaterWorld AG from Berlin, combines eco-friendly technology and a luxurious as well as elegant design. High quality materials are used for the interior, the cabins are equipped with WC and showers – a spacious parlor and a galley make this vessel a first class product. The combination of elegant design and a drift dynamic optimized hull plus propulsion that needs no more than sunshine, make this yacht number one in eco-friendliness.


SunCat 23 at the hanseboot fair 2010

New SunCat 23 at the hanseboot 2010

SolarWaterworld AG presents solar boats at the hanseboot 2010: From the 30th of October until the 7th of November 2010, the Berlin solar boat constructors- and builders will be present at the 51st international boat show in Hamburg. At hall B5, stall C141 the solar boat experts will inform about new products  and present their new technology as well as the construction of their solar vessels. As a special attraction at the hanseboot - SolarWaterWorld AG offers test runs with the newly revised SunCat 23 in the harbor of Hamburg. hanseboot is one of the leading german boat and yacht fairs.


SunCat 46 launch in Taiwan

Launching of solar yacht SunCat 46

On the 16th of July 2010 the launching of the first solar yacht, built in serial production worldwide, took place in Taiwan.
Constructed and built by the Company SolarWaterWorld AG, Berlin Germany, the vessel combines luxury and eco-friendly technology. SunCat 46 is not a hybrid, but a truly 0-liter yacht. No fuel is needed, only a little sunshine. Even without sun, the vessel can be driven for up to 8 hours without producing any form of emission or noise. more »


Solar boats at ITB Berlin

SolarWaterWorld AG exhibits at the ITB / 10.-14.03.2010

Booth 121 / Foyer Hall 14

SolarWaterWorld AG introduce their solar-electric concept for cities, at the international tourism fair. The future, now.

Innovationprize 2009

SolarWaterWorld AG receives Innovationprize 2009 at the Boat and Fun Trade Show

SolarWaterWorld AG receives the Innovationprize 2009 from the Berlin trade show "Boat and Fun".

SolarWaterWorld AG is honored for the idea and construction of the solar passenger boat SOLON - offering environmentally friendly river cruises in Berlin since 2009. more »


Deutscher Solarpreis 2009 EUROSOLAR SolarWaterWorld AG

German Solarprize 2009 from EUROSOLAR

SolarWaterWorld AG was honored by EUROSOLAR with the German solar prize for it’s overwhelming success in the area of transport systems in combination with renewable energy.

The jury chose SolarWaterWorld AG for it’s innovative and trend setting technologies in the area of naval passenger transport. The award ceremony took place on the 17th of October 2009 at 11.00 o’clock at the town hall Karlsruhe. more »

Klaus Wowereit baptised solar ship SOLON

The mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit baptised new SolarWaterWorld AG solarship SOLON

The mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit baptised the new solar ship for the city of Berlin called SOLON named after one of the biggest manufacturer for solarmodules in germany. The following 7 hour citycruise with live bossa nova music on the ship showed the silence of the engines, one could only hear the water movement in the back. Noiseless and emissionfree on the water on a luxury loungeboat, the way is the goal. The new series production of SunCat 58 is starting now.


Shipping of SunCat 46 Passenger

Shipping SunCat 46 Passenger Gallery

See pictures from the shipment of SunCat 46 Passenger Taiwan Hamburg in the gallery. more »

boot Düsseldorf 2011

Recent pictures of solar boats and ships at the trade fair boot 2011 in Düsseldorf. more »

Photo gallery

The Solar boats, solar ships or solar yachts of SolarWaterWorld AG offer high quality comfort, as well as the most modern technologies. Look and see. more »

PDFs and photos for download

All brochures, photos and other info material can be downloaded here. more »

First Solar Abra

Dubai’s RTA launches solar abra. A month-long trial on solar-powered boat has proved successful

Commuters can now enjoy a ride on a solar-powered abra that is operating in the waters of Mamzar Lagoon, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced on Monday.

Solar-power in Dubai

Abras might soon be replaced by boats powered by solar energy

At least one solar-powered boat has been on trial since last month, which will last for two more months, following which a decision will be taken based on its performance.

The new suncat 46

The SunCat 46 Passenger is an extended variation of the exclusive solar yacht SunCat 46. The Passenger model contains a very spacious passenger cabin, a bar for beverages and a handicapped accessible toilet. The noble design, the high quality of used materials makes this ship an exclusive, luxurious passenger ship with various possibilities for various occasions.