Entrepreneur since 1992 in various functions and companiesMain emphasis Distribution,Marketing; Company Development and Product Management.

Profound knowledge and industry experience not only concerning renewable energies, but also in real estate and gastronomic concepts. Passionate for design and development of leisure spaces.

Member of the board Solarwaterworld AG, Berlinsince 2007

CÉO Solarwaterworld AG, Berlin since 2012


Self-employed since 1998 in the areas of television,  tv editing and event management.

seit 1994 in den Bereichen TV, Redaktion und Veranstaltungsmanagement.

Main emphasis: Grants, Customer Care, Logistics, Charter and Sales ,

Support for Solarwaterworld AG since 2010

Andrzej Sobczak

ascat-catamarans e.k.
Boat construction and Design
Main emphasis: construction of SunCat 21  as an OEM product.

Support for Solarwaterworld AG since 2008

Thomas Meyer

Dipl. Ing.  Boat construction and  ocean engineering

Main emphasis: Consultantfor driftoptimized hulls

Founder of Solarwaterworld AG

He built his first solar powered boat in 1993 and received  awards and prizes for his construction.

He not only implemented and combined solar modules and electric engines very successfully but also optimized the underwater hull taking energetic and bionic aspects into account. This form of construction was ground breaking.

In 1993 his prototype solar boat won the German solar boat championship and in 1994 the winning of the European championship followed.