Ahoydearboaters and sailors,

We are happy to be able to offer you a little variety in the Corona crisis, yet we too must follow rules.

This is the way it has to be at the boat rental to keep us all safe and sound:

  • When you come on to the pier please keep a reason able distance of 2m from other guests as well as our staff. If it is too crowded on the dock, please wait in front of the entrance until there is more space.
  • Please decide in advance which of you will be the “captain”.
  • Our staff will assign you a boat and give the captain a briefing on board the boat. The other guests will have to wait on the dock.
  • After our staff has left the boat, the other passengers can also get on the boat.

Here is an important note:

  • Only groups with max. 10 persons and from max. 5 households may travel in one boat, additionally fully vaccinated and demonstrably recovered persons may travel. All guests traveling in one boat may have max. 5 different addresses on their identity cards, plus the recovered and vaccinated.
  • A negative Corona test does not allow to increase the number of passengers.
  • To speed up the payment process at the dock, please reserve a boat in advance on our website under “Rent a solarboat”.
  • If you see that it is too crowded on the jetty, please wait in front of it until it is a bit emptier again.
  • The counter at the piermay only be entered by our staff. Please always wait in front of it, our staff will approach you.
  • If you want to buy drinks from us, please contact our staff. They will bring themto you contactless in a basket.
  • Unfortunately, it is not allowed to stay on our pier for a beer.
  • We would like to point out that payments hould preferably be made contactless by EC orcreditcard. In exceptional cases you can also pay cash.

For all trips with our big ships (charter, events, sightseeing tours) the following notice applies:

  • Corona Note: From Monday 15.11.21 the 2 G rule applies in Berlin. All guests over 18 years of age must be either demonstrably recovered or double vaccinated. For children and adolescents between 14 and 17 years, the 3 G rule still applies.

  • The Solarwaterworld team thanks you for your understanding and wishes you a great time!