Catering Options

Allergen Guide:
Spelt: D
Egg: EI
Peanut: E
Fish: F
Barley: G
Oat: H
Hazelnut: HN
Kamut: K
Cashew Nut: KN
Crustaceans: KT
Lupin: L
Macadamia Nut: MN
Almond: MA
Milk: M
Brazil Nut:PN
Pecan Nut: P
Pistacio: PZ
Rye: R
Sulphur Dioxide und Sulphites: SS
Cellery: SE
Mustard: SF
Sesame: SA
Soy Bean: S
Walnut: W
Mollusk: WT
Wheat: W


Lunch 2
17,50 €
Sandwich with salami and cheese
Bagel with cream cheese and salmon
Fruit jogurt
Corny chocolate bar
Capri Sonne Multi vitamin
Mini donut
Banana or small fruit salad
Fruit smoothie
Lunch 1
17,50 €
Bread roll with cheese
1/2 wrap with tomato and mozarella
Fruit jogurt
Mini chocolate croissant
Balisto chocolate bar
Berlin profiteroles
Apple or grapes
Fruit smoothie


Dessert 2
6,30 €
Selection of cakes:
Chocolate Nut Cake / Carrot Cake / Apple Tarte
Dessert 1
3,40 €
Applecrumble with vanilla and almonds
Snack 5
5,20 €
tarte flambée
Alsatian variety (onions, bacon and sour cream)
Vegetarian: Spinach and Gorgonzola
Snack 4
6,30 €
Mini Burger and potato salad
Snack 3
5,20 €
Variation of sandwiches, veggie and with meat
Snack 2
6,90 €
Berlin currywurst (sausage with curry sauce), coleslaw and baked rosmarine potatoes
Snack 1
5,60 €
Potato salad, bockwurst, mustard, ketchup and bread


Buffet 3
24,00 €
(1 item per portion)
Vegetarian Snack Buffet:
Vegetable sticks with Humous
Tomato mozarella burger with rucula pesto
Baked veggie wan tan with peanut sauce dip and green asparagus
Combination of Thai leek with marinated sesame Tofu and frisée salad
Baked falaffel with Pesto and sesame paste
Variation of Bread with herb butter
Seasonal fruit bites
Applecrumble with vanilla and almonds
Buffet 2
28,50 €
(1 item per portion)
Organic Sander tartar with quail egg and cress
Tomato mozarella burger with rucula pesto
Chicken roulade mediterranean with dip
Mini Burger with meat
Curd cheese mousse flavored with tonka bean and quince
Seasonal fruit bites

Vegetarian Variation:
Superfood salad: Sprouts, chia seeds, nuts, grapes, pomegranade
Tatin of mediterrenean vegetables
Quiche with ricotta cheese and spinach
Buffet 1
28,50 €
(1 item per portion)
Vegetable sticks with humus
Fine Berlin potato salad with veal burger parmesan and mustard
Berlin currwurst (sausage with curry sauce) with chutney of pineapple tomato and vegetable chip
Asia "cigar" gauzy dough cigars coated in sesame
Applecrumble with almonds
Seasonal fruit bites

Vegetarian Variation:
Grilled Veggie sticks with Dip
Goat cheese basil millefeuille
21,50 €
(1 item per portion)
Variation of Breads with herb Butter
Coleslaw, Noodle salad and 2 dips
marinated pork neck steaks
Thüringer bratwurst, small chorizo
Teriyaki chicken breast
marinated vegetables with feta and olives as grill packet