Our life route

1993 the solar-powered prototype wins the first German Solar Boat
Championship and the following year also the
European Solar Boat Championship.
1994 the predecessor company of SolarWaterWorld AG
was founded. Initially emerging from a university research
project, the commercial benefits were recognized early on.
1995 saw the opening of the world's first solar boat filling station in Berlin-Köpenick.
1997 the construction of the 2-seater SunCat
12 series began, followed two years later by the 8-seater
SunCat 21 series.
2001 SWW AG was founded by combining technical know-how and practical expertise.
2005 we started the construction of the 12-seater series SunCat 23.
2006 we designed vessels for Atlantic crossing and inland waters.
2009 the first solar-electric-powered charter ship
(60 persons) of SWW AG was christened by the mayor of Berlin.
2010 started the design and licensing of the award-winning
water transportation system with solar water cabs and charging stations in Valdivia, Chile.
2011 is the start of planning for the "Port of the Future".
2012 First solar-powered liner made of GRP* launched.
2014 SunCat 46 becomes the first GRP vessel to receive
a passenger license in Germany and Europe.
2015 Cooperation with Road Transport Authority in Dubai,
where SunCat 21 undergoes a 3-month test phase. Cooperation continues.
2016 Test in Dubai erfolgreich. Umrüstung
eines ABRAs zum ersten Solar-Boot in VAE
2017 The "Port of the Future" at Berlin's Osthafen is
completed and in a prime location for tourist water excursions.
2018 Start with construction of two solar-electric
passenger ships for 180 people.
2019 Completion and approval of the new
construction series SunCat120 at the end of the year.
2020 Completion of prototype Model 1 in spring 2020.
2021 Foundation of a joint venture with GoBoat
from Denmark. "Startup meets first mover"